Henna is an art form that is not as well known in the Unites States as it is in other parts of the world. Painted Personalities only uses natural henna. Henna is not black, nor does it come in any other colors than an olive/brown paste and a red-orangeish/brown stain.

All of the pictures below are of the henna as applied by Elaine, but a number of the designs are created by other artists, who are credited for the pictures where known.

Are you curious about henna? Have you seen stars with henna and want to know more about it? The Henna Page has a wealth of information about henna. The webmaster is doing her PHD on henna. It has pages on the history of henna in different geographic regions, the sociological uses of henna in different cultures, and most of all, great designs! All of the above henna applications were done based on designs from the Henna Page.

If you have had black henna done, you may be sensitized to PPD, a black hair dye that is known to cause severe blistering and scarring. For more information on black henna, please visit the Henna Page Black Henna link. There are many resources available at this web page.