Most wonderful time of the year

In Alabama, the best time of the year for events seems to be pretty evenly divided between the spring and the fall. From late March to Memorial Day and from late August through early November we stay booked up. The month of October is particularly busy. Halloween and football season, fairs and festivals, as well as birthday parties all happen while the weather is great. If you are thinking about hosting a party at this time, please contact us early, otherwise we may end up booked elsewhere.

Oak Mountain State Fair, Fall 2013

Painted Personalities is going to be at State Fair that starts on September 26, 2013! We’ll be in Pelham at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater for all 10 days of it. On week nights the fair will open at 5:00 PM, and on Saturdays and Sunday it will open at 1:00 PM. In addition to the face paint, airbrush tattoos, and glitter tattoos, I’ll have henna there, too. I’ll have pictures to share as the fair goes along.